So Windows 10? #doIneedthis

Like I have mentioned previously I tend to be the go to techguy in the family, being called upon by the mother in-law to ensure her laptop
is up and running smoothly (being paid of course in meals and the odd tolberone
when I am really lucky!).

I had been waiting for the question, “should I be upgraded
to windows 10?”. To be honest I have been reluctant to look into upgrading my
own laptop purely because I didn’t want the hassle of having to fix it if
anything went wrong! However windows 7 had been failing a lot lately causing me
to have to run the repair disk more than weekly, so I decided to take the
plunge and upgrade.

So as I am writing this now I am in fact on a shiny new
windows 10 operation system, to be honest I haven’t seen much of a change, the
boot up time is quicker, however I have yet to use the computer for any real
work other than typing so time will tell if I come across any benefit.

To keep things basic, these are the steps I would follow if
you are also looking at upgrading to 10.

– Ensure you have opted in for windows 10 (I have
had work colleagues giving me their laptops to do the upgrade only to find they
haven’t put themselves in the queue!)

– Back up ALL your data

– Give yourself plenty of time (I was half doing
the upgrade/back-ups and had to go out, which meant I was lost with where I got
to but hey I got it done eventually!)

– Leave the machine to process don’t try and
switch it off and on thinking it has finished!

Some of the highlights for windows 10 are:

– The return of the start button – Yes I was
windows 7 before but I used my fair share of windows 8 machines and it was
always tedious navigating around without our beloved start button!

– Increased performance, boot time is quicker,
getting around the system seems to be faster and easier – I can’t quite put my
finger on why but it genuinely is.

– The search function seems to be much improved,
including apps and web searches all located on your taskbar.

In my opinion the actual look of windows 10 has a similar
feel, which for your older computer users such as my mother in-law is exactly
what you want (or else there will be countless phone calls for yet more tech

While I am not sure if upgrading is for everyone I certainly
think that the free upgrade option had a great impact on me choosing to do it,
future proofing your system for as long as possible can’t be a bad thing surely
– at the end of the day The Mrs has a laptop that is 8 years old (Yes I am
tight and she really does need a new one, I have had two in the time she is
still using one bless her!) and it’s still going I would like to think that an
upgraded OS would give my laptop a new lease of life and ensure it will last a
few more years yet!

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