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In my previous post on watching the pennies we used to have sky as a service, however we moved and realised how little live
TV we watched in our household, so we took the bold step of cancelling our TV

We took an extensive review of the terms and conditions and
even telephoned the licencing department to confirm that you are free to watch
catch up and non-live streaming TV (such as Netflix).

So we now save just over £12 per month, meaning we can pay
for the basic Netflix and Now TV (entertainment pass only). Currently we have
dropped Now TV of course we will be going back when Game of Thrones returns!
But remember as it is Sky they always have a deal to offer!

So our Netflix addiction started about a year ago, and I
think it has completely changed the way we watch TV. With Netflix original
programs you no longer have to wait a week for the next instalment of your favourite
show, Netflix gives you access to the complete series! You can find yourselves
watching an episode a night until the reserves are empty! (I would watch more
but The Mrs always falls asleep in the twilight hours!) The quality of the
Netflix original programs is superb and you can really see why Netflix is the
market leader!

When it comes to other content Netflix has to offer, there
are a vast amount of engaging TV show and films on offer, with the non-netflix
original content you do have to go back to watching weekly, however this hasn’t
seemed to have affected us as we have usually been finishing up another
collection while the next series episodes start to build up again!

Currently we have binged on Breaking Bad, Better call Saul,
The Originals, Orange is the new black, Survivors and we are currently working
our was through The Returned. We still have a lot of content in our pick list
waiting to watch which I think is a massive plus point with Netflix as we are
over a year in and still not struggling to find things to watch, in my opinion
with Now TV we were left without much to watch (or it would take me a long
while to find something to watch and it usually led me to a Ross Kemp
documentary or Idiot abroad!)

With all these shows completed one common theme is the roller coaster of emotions you feel watching the characters evolve and the storylines come to dramatic conclusion!

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