Little ones weekly adventure! #littleonesadventures

Today youngest was helping me find an old memory card to
expand my mobile phones ability to hold photos – it’s so basic a phone it seems
to hold so few! (I dropped my Samsung so roll on the upgrade in 6 months).

While we were ploughing through the endless clutter in each
drawer, it really is amazing what we have accumulated over the years, he
suddenly got very excited! He had found one of our old digital cameras; he
jumped up and dashed off to find batteries for it!

The camera itself was an old Sony Cybershot, capable of
taking pictures with 10MP detail, it was however a bit battered and bruised but
youngest was still keen to see it back in action! (Who needs to upcycle
things?!), it even shows a black line across the screen that makes it a tad
harder to see if you’re taking a good shot, although I did notice this used to
comic effect to try and give people moustaches… fortunately you do not see the
same black line when you upload the pictures!!!

Anyway I thought how great would it be if I gave him the
camera for him to capture what life is like on his own real life adventure?
Each Sunday evening I plan to download and reset the camera and then review the
pictures he has captured. Who knows what
pictures he will take, but I will enjoy seeing what my budding photographer
comes up with.

The weekly blog post will then be a photo wall on a week in
the life of youngest!

I am sure most of you have an old digital camera stashed
away somewhere and think it would be a great idea if you all gave it ago
featuring everyone’s little ones adventure!

If you do decided to follow this trend then please use #littleonesadventures
in your posts so I can track them in twitter!

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