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Being of the generation that really saw the big boom when it
comes down to gaming, I got to thinking where would I be if I was growing up
today. I compare my boys to how I was
with gaming in my early teens, back when I was playing Final Fantasy 7 on my PlayStation.

My boys are suckers for gaming but, as cruel task masters
parents have to be we have adopted the hard and faster rule of a small gaming
session, as and when they have been earned. They have to endure long walks,
baking challenges and tidying their rooms.

When I think back to my childhood I cannot remember there
ever being a cap on gaming time, I am sure that when my cousin would stay overnight
we would generally game from afternoon to early morning, sometimes sleeping for
maybe an hour or two and then get back into the action again! That might well
be the reason we got into proper online gaming with a passion.

For my boys now, there are some great titles they have at their
finger tip, titles such as:


I absolutely love the idea of have physical characters you change
yourself, it adds to the immersion and feel of the game, as a child I could see
that I would have spent many hours leveling each character up.

Disney Infinity:

Another character based game, however now you get to be your
favourite movie characters! You can really see how the games companies are
finding great ways to get more out of each title launch while delivering top
notch and niche games.


All the Lego titles that they have now, like Lego city which
allows you to free roam or complete jobs (kind of like a soft version of Grand
Theft Auto!), if I wasn’t playing computer games when I was a kid I was playing
with Lego, so it’s great that’s it been transformed into pixels, however we
still encourage the boys to play with the real thing! (We usually have several
big Lego dens built up in their playroom!) Oh to be young again!

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