Increase your recycling habits! #SaveThePlanetIn4Words

I have seen today #SaveThePlanetIn4Words trending which got
me to thinking what do you all do in your household to try and keep the world
ticking over and not plummeting into post-apocalyptic despair!

Currently our bin collection regime has changed and we don’t
get the same general waste collected fortnightly instead it has been changed to
a three week service, luckily with food and recycling now collected on a weekly

All the residents were up in arms about this change
including us. However now we have been running live for some time now we are
not only saving money for our overstretched councils but we are reducing the
carbon foot print we are leaving behind.

The positive thing we have noticed about the new collection
system is you naturally start to think about what you are using and learn what
can be recycled and you instinctively make the effort to ensure you are being
effective with your waste; otherwise your general waste bin is overflowing FAR
too fast.

What other basic steps can you make to improve on your
carbon footprint? When we were looking at changing cars we always had family
safety in mind also with that the next important thing was emissions so based
on these two facts we found ourselves with a low emission and highly ranked NCAP
safety rated car.

I do admit I could do more to reduce the ever mounting
carbon footprint I produce, I like to think I am doing my bit to help
especially as I want a great future for my two boys on this planet.

So I have been thinking about things like
cycling to work, turning off more lights in the house and not turning the
heating on (its nearly October and we haven’t had the heating on yet! Although
I wanted to put it on the other day and The Mrs gave me a stern look and “advised”
me to get my dressing gown on!). At least if I am doing these steps I am saving
money and the world all at once?

Perhaps you could try and reduce too, as none of us want to
have to survive in the aftermath! 

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