Emissions Cheat! #EmissionsScandal

I have recently been keenly following the press about
Volkswagon and their cheat to fixing emissions tests.

The news broke earlier this month and since then I have been
waiting for Skoda to be named as one of the manufacturers to be hosting a dodgy
engine, as it would be just my luck that I would own such a beast!

Skoda as usual seem to be dragging their heels when it comes
to releasing information, much like when they messed me about with replacing my
tyres under the pre-arranged maintenance agreement (But that’s another story –
and as their customer complaints department told me, I am just one person
against a global company!)

So today after a bit of internet surfing I have managed to
trace some information for us Skoda owners and although earlier in the week it
sounded like only the 2.0 litre engines were affected it now looks like the 1.6
TDI’s are too (which mine happens to be!)

Being a greener thinking and safety conscious family we are
very angry and annoyed at the prospect that we have been putting more
pollutants in to the world than we were advised! Misled selling is something
that also gets me mad! (Especially when I think back to my complaints handler!)

So how can you tell if you have one of these vehicles? In
truth I am not sure I have looked at all my documents to see if they can point
me in the right direction but unfortunately I will just have to wait for the
story to break some more before I finally find out the truth about my vehicles

My Skoda Octavia was a lovely upgrade from my little red Nissan
Micra! (I do often wonder what happened to little red and if she remains on the
road still or reached the scrap heap! 

The Skoda however remains a great and smooth ride, with the kids
having more room in the back and the ride causing far less travel sickness!
Leaving the only negatives firmly sat at customer service’s doorstep!

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