Do It Yourself – Are you sure? #DIYSOS

In a recent post I mentioned we moved house.

When we were looking to find somewhere we didn’t really have
an idea in our heads of new build versus old. We would go in each property and
get caught up in something it had to offer in some fanciful kind of way.

When we eventually “found the one” we went in all guns
blazing! We removed walls and flooring, everything had to go including several
toilets (seriously they seemed to store them everywhere!) We must have gone
through 4 or 5 skips in the first few weeks.

Being complete amateurs however, when it comes to DIY we had
to get some handy professionals in to do the bulk of the work; I did however
try and gain some experience along the way.

On one occasion I had a carpenter in doing some more work
for me, while I attempted to fit a laminate floor, I was struggling something
awful, when he popped in to see how I was getting on (I am sure he could hear
me swearing!)

He showed me the errors of my way with how to bend the wood
up at a 45 degree angle and then slot it into the laid piece with a slight bang!

He also give me some more advice about laminate, to ensure
you get at least the mid-range price as the better the laminate the easier it
is to lay. Knowing I had the potential to mess it up I had bought some cheap
and cheerful stuff!

So with that advice I finished the bulk of the job (except
the tricky bit at the end where he popped back in to finish!)

With a few more rooms still to get sorted I decided to try
my luck again but this time I made sure I spend a bit more on the laminate and
unsurprisingly the carpenter was right, it was an absolute dream putting down
this new stuff, it was so easy my youngest helped me do it! (We even did the
tricky bit at the end!)

So now with four rooms under my belt I feel very confident
that I could lay laminate anywhere especially with my little helper with me
(Yes he gets so excited to help, he loves seeing the room come together!)

The best advice I can give you to save you some time is to
get good underlay (something with some kind of sound proofing, I used a
silver lined type), get quality laminate, a mitre saw and a laminate
flooring kit!

Since my flooring is now well and truly ticked I have branched
out to doing my own skirting boards, but that is still very much work in

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