Getting dressed in the morning! #doIhavetogetup

Over the summer the routine for the boys and us adults of
the house has fallen very much by the way side! So much so that a simple task
of getting the two monsters dressed in the morning evolved into a mammoth task in

So this morning I decided to do something about it,
something new, something exciting (well to the boys anyway!) I hurried them
from the playroom alluding to a new game upstairs. The both sprang up the
stairs searching around the room, questioning me about the game. A small pit a
dread came over me, such pressure to come up with a game on the spot!

I grabbed two pairs of boxer shorts and said; “OK first
round is chase the boxers” and I ran around the room with both of them chasing
me to catch their pants! When they caught them then that had to put them on.

Round two, juggling socks, with six pairs of socks I
challenged them to juggle one pair of socks, with that mastered quickly we
moved onto two pairs, this was much trickier however both succeeded and as a
reward they got to pick which pair they wanted to wear! (Yes I can’t believe
they are getting dressed no fuss, no arguments!)

Round three, saw us draft in the Mrs we both put a pair of
the boys jeans over our shoulders and hid (while the boys were still getting
their socks on) eventually they found us and had to chase us to get there clothes. With no better back up plan with the
final round I simply hid their t-shirts in their bedrooms for them to find at
their leisure.

The game took five
minutes to play and they both thoroughly enjoyed themselves, no where in sight
was the moaning and arguing usually present, we will have to wait and see if
they can be adapted into the rushed school run, but for the simple pleasure of
peacefulness in the mornings I think it may have to be a must, leaving you to focus on your day ahead!

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