Five Minute Gaming

With a general lack of time currently in our house hold, I have completely quit PC gaming, still longing to log back into World of Warcraft I am still keen and hopeful to pick this back up again in time to see the next World of Warcraft expansion!

With that said I have been taking the casual opportunity to “game” on the go, which brings me to the latest mobile app games I have been sporting!

First on my list was Plants vs. Zombies 2 it was quite addictive but I found it easy compared to the Mrs who struggled with some of the levels. I completed the whole game in about 10 days casually picking it up when I had a spare five minutes. Some of the levels were difficult when you had to protect plans and on the whole a very fun game.

Next up was the original Cut the Rope again addictive, some of the levels where very tricky but with a little perseverance and determination I managed to complete the whole game with all stars after about 2 weeks again picking it up when I had a spare few minutes.

Now I am playing Clash of Clans I have been playing this now for a few weeks, basically you build up your base, upgrade, upgrade and more upgrade. Along the way you have the option of joining a clan and start clan wars which is a great way to play with other people and have the option to be social, you can also donate troops to your clan mates to help them beat the opposition. You also play in a league which allows you to sack other players bases, which is quite fun and a great way to gain extra resources.

I think Clash of Clans had quite a lot of mileage, some of the other players I have spoken to have been playing for over a year, so for now a great replacement to proper PC gaming and again something you can fit into a 5 minute session.

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