Skylanders Swap Force Coming Fall 2013

With the announcement of new Skylanders Swapforce my boys
have been absolutely buzzing about it!

Over the past year or so they have amassed a huge collection
of the previous Skylander game characters and even though they have completed
the game and levels many times they still continue to return to it over and
over again. Now imagine this great playability with a twist; you can actually
merge two of the new characters!

And I know what you are thinking will I be able to use my old Skylanders on the new game – well the answer is YES! Which is great news for any gamer who has a full contingent of characters.

Now with that in mind here is the official trailer of the next instalment
from Activision:


So what new characters can you expect to see?

Element Character
Fire Blast Zone
Tech Countdown & Magna Charge
Wind Free Ranger 
Water Freeze Blade & Wash Buckler
Magic Hoot Loop & Star Strike 
Undead Night Shift, Rattle Shake & Roller Brawl
Life Stealth Elf & Stink Bomb

I think this is such a great concept for kids who love to
game but what that bit extra, they get to have the physical characters to play
with outside of the game. In our house we play massive wars with the
characters, very often Eruptor and Hot Head lead the evil baddies! And now with
swap force on the horizon they will be able to make their own physical
combination. This kind of play is great for your kids imagination and inventive
play which is something I happily support!

I asked my eldest if he could have merged his two favourite
characters from the previous releases it would be called Thump Fizz (combination
of Thumpback and Pop Fizz), I thought Pop Back would have been better!


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