My Perfect Game!

I have been an intense gamer in the past. My gaming life started with
Starfleet Command, playing against various Americans with my cousin. I quickly
became hooked on Medal Of Honor Allied Assault, in my opinion the best FPS game
ever! Then came World of Warcraft a game that keeps you addicted far too long,
however now it has lost its luster I have been looking for a game to fill the
gaps left by Medal of honor!

I have tried Battlefield, Call of Duty etc. but nothing comes close to the
playability of that old school FPS!

So my perfect game would have to include the exact play style of the
original Medal Of Honor Allied Assault.

My concept to the actual story line behind My Perfect Game would be:-

“Enter the world as Slan you’re a senior science tech, you wake up one
morning to no electricity, damn no coffee!

Little did you know a powerful explosion had occurred in space just beyond
the moon, this is the first of many, reoccurring periodically.

Eventually over the next 2 years after a further 7 explosions a planet has
begun to appear, firstly for only a few hours but now it has become more of a permanent

Reports are in of humanoid sightings, alarms have been raised and curfews
put in place.

One evening you hear gun fire and footsteps running towards your house,
suddenly you are face to face with a female humanoid now known as
“Serens”. And as descriptions have told the only Serens to have been found are all
females and formidable.

This Seren called Aura has been wounded after escaping from a squad, you take her in and
begin to put together the story behind their planets apearance.

The planet is a future earth some billions of years from the future, the sun
is dying and their plan was to move the planet to a new star. After years of
testing they were finally ready to try and relocate, when powered up a solar
flare hits and unexpectedly propels earth back in time.

The Seren race want control, but will we be able to fix what has gone wrong and send their planet to the correct distination.

As the planet time shifts between times slowly becoming resident in the
past, time is ticking for resolution.”

Single player mode would consist of intense scenes, explosive fire fights to
gain control of portal points to reset the experiment, fighting along side Aura where you see a love story unwind. Eventually figuring out the truth behind the solar flare.

Multiplayer features would have several of the most popular :-


Team Death Match

Capture the flag

Command and Conquer

The weapons involved in each conflict would largely depend on map types and
locations. A large league table would be beneficial to expand the player base
of my game. Clan server hosting options would also increase popularity.

This is an entry to the Perfect GAME competition for the chance to win a Wii U from GAME

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