Family Dynamics

In our household we each have our role, mine is to work during the day, and “The Mrs” to raise and develop the boys (She does have a part time Job as well for half the year!). My role at home is to cook meals and wash up, and “The Mrs” to clean the house and do the laundry.

We keep in relative harmony until the panic button is hit by “The Mrs”. Like when the washing machine breaks or the laptop crashes, this is where I get to earn some extra gaming time! I feel it’s just. If “us men” spend 3 hours completely stripping the washing machine down to get to the inside of the drum to remove a stuck wire from “The Mrs” bra, then I should be graced with 3 hours of gaming time! Or if “The Mrs” laptop freezes, over heats or is generally lacking the will to live, if “us men” spend 3 hours giving it the kiss of life, then I should be given the right to game for an extra 3 hours!

Of course “The Mrs” wouldn’t agree, she already curses about my World of Warcraft habit! As shown on her blog here.

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