About Me

Hi, I'm Sean and have been blogging a few years now.  Hubby Helps so called because that's what I always seem to be doing - helping.  Especially for the mother-in-law who always has some kind of IT problem that needs fixing - seriously her computer has a breakdown practically every other day it seems!

I work as a practice manager but find blogging quite therapeutic and relaxing to unwind from a stressful job.  If I am not blogging I can be found gaming - my son's are following in my footsteps.  I have two boys aged 7 and 9, full of attitude, very noisy but most definitely the heart of the home.

I have been married to Karen who blogs at Missing Sleep for 10 years now.  We had a whirlwind romance but are still hanging on through the haze of tiredness that is parenting!

I have also set up a travel blog The Reluctant Traveller if you wanted to pop over and read all about our family adventures.  

Do get in touch if you want to collaborate in any way, my email address is slan83@hotmail.com


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