Everything You Need To Do Before Hitting 40

Age 40 is a pretty big milestone in any person’s life. This is where your adulthood peaks, and you start a totally new journey towards your senior years. For some people, it’s something big and ominous which they think will mark the end of all the fun in their life. For others, it’s one step closer to the retirement plan they’ve been working on for years. However you feel about it, there are certain things everyone should have in order before their 40th birthday. Here’s a checklist to help.
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First of all, getting a firm handle on your health. Without a decent standard of health, you’re going to find it pretty hard to enjoy much of anything in life! While you’ll still have many years to live after turning 40, your body will have been in decline for a few years prior, and it’s important to keep a sharp eye out for issues which have the potential to shorten your life expectancy. Dermatological conditions, such as melanoma, should be a particularly big concern as you get closer to middle age. Gastroenterological issues and latent heart disease are also big risks in people who are close to 40. Simply making a point of eating better and getting more exercise in can make a massive difference to your quality of life from middle age onwards.
Creating a solid plan for your children’s education is another important thing to do before you’re 40. Like many parents, you probably want to be able to send your kids to the best schools in the country, and in turn give them a wide range of opportunities in their adult life. If you think you’ve been neglecting your kids’ education somewhat, then you need to turn this around as soon as possible. Yes, getting some kids to apply themselves is hard and exhausting, and saving for a good education can become horribly expensive. However, 40 should be the point where every adult starts putting the other people in their lives before themselves. Many financial journals recommend that you start an educational fund the day that your child is born, so don’t put this off!
Reviewing your life insurance should be another big item on your list of things to do before you’re 40. Now that you’re getting close to middle age, I’m sure the last thing you want to do is contemplate your own death! However, life insurance is an important financial factor which can change drastically over time. If you’ve had more children since the last time you reviewed your policy, then your current premium may not be enough to cover all the additional childcare costs. Furthermore, if you’ve had any major changes in your health or occupation, this can have a pretty big effect on your life insurance. The continuous factor of inflation is another big reason to check if your life insurance is adequate for your needs. I know it’s dry, but knowing you’re covered by the right policy can be a massive load off your mind. Read more at www.genesage.com/life-insurance-over-40-quotes .
One of the more personal things you need to do before you’re thirty is iron out any problems with your spouse. Though some guys may not be too quick to admit it, we all have countless times where our spouse has helped us out of financial, occupational and personal issues. If you think about it, I’m sure you’ll be struck pretty hard by how much you owe to your partner. When we first start living with our partners, it’s completely centred around our love for one another. This is that lovely, lazy phase that’s all romantic getaways and rose petals. When you throw mortgages and kids into the picture, the relationship becomes something far more practical, and you start having to make some serious long-term decisions together. The whole experience can put a strain on your love for each other, which is why we see so many divorces in later life. Letting issues with your relationship stagnate is never a good thing, so try to take action before middle age hits you! You can read a helpful article on this at www.psychologytoday.com/blog/compassion-matters/ .
Finally, paying some attention to your spirituality. Countless people dedicate their lives to keeping themselves and their families financially stable, and as they reach 40 they begin to realise that something’s missing. I’m not telling you to convert or find a religion, but taking spirituality seriously can be hugely beneficial in your later years. Take a break from pouring over your investments and savings accounts, and ask yourself what it’s all for.

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