Monday, 8 August 2016

Enjoy The Weather With These Unique Summer Workouts

Summer is in full swing and a lot of you are probably thinking of how to get your perfect beach body. Plus, with such nice weather, it’s a great time to get outside and break a sweat. Maybe the Rio Olympics have even inspired you to get a little sporty!

Sometimes exercising can get stale. You might be bored of running the same old treadmill, or sick of your badminton partner backing out on you. However, there are many fun ways to get out there and exercise by yourself. Here are some of the more unique ways you can keep fit this summer.

Work Out At The Park

Many parks around the world are starting to install outdoor gyms. These usually feature equipment that uses your own bodyweight for resistance to train strength. They also feature equipment for cardiovascular training.

Even if your park doesn’t have an outdoor gym, there are plenty of park workouts you can improvise. You could do some pull-ups on the monkey bars, or climb a tree like when you were a kid, or even just do some push-ups.

This way, you can keep fit while you enjoy the warm weather. Parks are increasingly becoming a great workout spot, so whether you want to go for a run or do some bodyweight exercises, head to your local park!

Play Table Tennis With A Robot

You don’t need a friend to partake in a quick game of ping-pong. You can actually buy Table Tennis Robots. Many of these come built-in with the table and the net, so you don’t need any extra equipment. They also make the perfect partner, as they won’t be too busy no matter what time you want to play!

They usually offer different speeds and skill levels. Even if you’re a beginner, playing against a robot can teach you to play the game and train you up. They can store and serve up balls making for a quick and seamless game. Many have built in games and can be set-up in your garden, making for a fun summer workout!

Workout With Your Smartphone

You may think carrying around your phone will distract you from exercising, but hear me out here. With all the games available on the Google Play Market and iTunes App Store, you can find one to keep you entertained while you run.

Instead of stopping you from working out, they’ll actually make it easier to go further as you’re having fun while you run. You can play some games while you take the dog for a walk, or even in the gym. One running coach even created a workout for Pok√©mon GO players!

There are also apps designed for running. Runkeeper records statistics on your runs, letting you track your progress and set goals for yourself. Using apps can make exercising more fun and motivate you to workout more, so check some out.

There are many other ways to enjoy a good summer workout. You could take up some hiking, or get a kayak and hit the lakes. Whichever way you decide to train, get out there and enjoy the weather while you exercise!

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