Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Ten Tips For Landscaping Your Garden

A garden that is filled with beautiful and useful things is something to be proud of. It will be somewhere that you can spend plenty of time when the weather is fine. This is good for your health - both physical and mental.
Here are 10 quick tips about landscape design, which will allow you to make a garden you can be proud of:
Know the dimensions of your garden: It may sound obvious, but you need to be fully aware what you’re working with. It will make your job easier. There’s less need for stopping to change things.
Balance beauty and utility: Thriving rose bushes and tall sunflowers can be striking and a pleasure to spend time around. Look to balance them out with fruit trees you can harvest from, as well as hedges to create a boundary.
Recognise what will and won’t work: You may want a pretty border around your door, but these areas are often heavily shaded and don't suit growing. Work with what nature gives you.
Know when you need a helping hand: As part of your home, your garden feels all the more welcoming if you’ve done the work yourself. But some parts of the work may be overly technical and sometimes a contractor may be a good bet.
Take advantage of nature: Nature will give you a head start in landscaping your garden. Different aspects and different types and depths of soil suit different plants. Have this in mind when thinking about what to put where.
Be prepared to change things when necessary: Changing plans is never desirable. It takes time and often money. However, you need to balance this against the fact that if something isn’t working, you’ll waste more by ploughing on regardless.
Tips are all around you: When you’re out driving, look at other people’s gardens. You don’t want to Single White Female an entire garden, but you can find tips for what works well on borders, in shade and other situations.
Use time wisely: Chances are that your soil will need cultivating before any turfing happens. If this is the case, plan it for as close as possible to turfing. Bare soil is an excellent target for seeds blown in the wind and contained in bird droppings.
Elevation is good: Your garden will look better the more variation there is. Different colours provide contrast, but height is also vitally important. As well as plants that grow taller, it’s worth investing in raised beds which will provide a better flow in your garden.
Accessorise: Your garden won’t just be flowers and trees. If you’re going to be spending time out there it will also benefit from accessories such as a bench or patio. Add some ornaments that are faithful to the theme but choose wisely to avoid a mishmash.
There’s no shortage of landscaping experts out there. The most important thing overall is that you have a vision for what you want the finished product to look like. With regular maintenance and the right decisions up front, you’ll have an outdoor space people will envy.

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