Spotless Cleaning #vacuum

Having previously discussed getting the boys involved in cleaning, they have since long deserted the post.  So keeping on top of all the household chores has returned to the relentless and laborious task made ever harder with two mess makers ruling the roost!
I do seem to be having to reach for a wider selection of tools to cope with the mess they generate, from dropped drinks to food (that the dog turns her nose up to!), mud, sand and the occasional bit of rubble (Yes we are still renovating!)

The good news however, is that for the most part there is some help at hand in the form of a brilliant and tough Vacuum from K√§rcher not only can it cope with every day cleaning, it can also suck up liquids which is always great with younger children! It can even suck up jam as demonstrated in this clip, which will be handy as the boys are trying to be more independent by spreading their own toast (leading to yet more mess!).

I love the concept of their YouTube videos, not only showing you the versatility of the vacuum but the company has its own playful side which really shines through. In my opinion I always prefer to opt for brands with that little extra personality!
What would be really great is if the community could place a challenge for the vacuum! So what would be on the top of your challenge list, mine rather grimly would be sick! Our boys can be rather sickly when travelling in the car and its one of the worst things to have to clean up!

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