Wednesday, 8 June 2016

How To Recreate Glastonbury In Your Back Garden

Are you already bored of people talking about going to Glastonbury? Did you try for hours to get tickets online without any luck? If you aren’t going to the festival highlight of the year, don’t worry. There’s no reason why you can’t channel those festival vibes with your own garden party. If you’re a fan of getting friends together, listening to music, drinking, and dancing, follow these tips.
The venue

The venue for 2016’s best Glastonbury tribute is your garden. So, with just a short time to go, it’s time to start work. To achieve that festival look, you’ll need some cool accessories and a healthy dose of imagination. Give your lawn a mow a couple of days before the event. Grab some gloves and clear away any dead leaves or rubbish.
Dust down the outdoor furniture and invest in some deck chairs. Add a teardrop chair if you fancy going all out. Or go rustic with some hay bails or wooden benches. Scatter some floor cushions, beanbags and blankets around.
Once you’ve sorted seating, you can focus on decoration. Go for bright colours and plenty of props. Hang some bunting or create a teepee out of wooden sticks. Put up some shabby chic homemade signs to point to drinks, food and toilets. Hang out some fairy lights and add candles to tables. Fill your planters with vividly coloured flowers. Drape some tie-dye material to create a shelter perfect for chilling out to a mellow playlist.
Create a bar and an eating area, so that guests can access food and drink without you playing bartender all day.
The guest list

To have a successful party, you need guests. You may not have capacity for 100,000 people, but inviting your best buds will ensure the weekend goes with a bang. Write down a list and then think about your invitations. If you want to save money, send an e-card or a text message. Make sure you include details of timings and dress code. If you’re having a theme, it’s a good idea to give people time to plan their outfits in advance. If you’re just going with a general festival vibe, encourage your guests to get into the spirit and dress appropriately.
Food and drink

No festival is complete without food and drink. You probably haven’t got the space or the budget to lay on a series of food vans. As an alternative, fire up the barbeque or ask guests to bring something suitable for a buffet. In the evening, bacon sandwiches are a great shout. Lay out some nibbles to keep people going.
When it comes to drinks, it’s always cheaper to buy in bulk. Ask guests what kinds of alcohol they prefer and don’t forget mixers. Place some ice buckets or tubs at the bar and fill them with beers and soft drinks. If you’re a fan of spirits, check out companies like Love Scotch. Go for a range of options to make sure you cater for everyone. Always make sure there are plenty of bottles of water available. Mix up some spirits, juices and flavoured liqueurs to create tropical cocktails. Add an umbrella and a flamingo stirrer and you’re good to go.
It’s a fantastic idea to use paper plates and cups where possible. You don’t have to go for boring basics. Go for prints and bright colours. This will save you hours of washing up when it comes to tidying up afterwards.
The music

Perhaps the most important thing to think about is the music. Set up some speakers outside and create your own playlists. Alternatively, put the radio on and listen to the real sets live. It’ll be just like you’re there but without the mud and crowds.
Use multi-room audio systems to set up different areas. Get the party started with some house music or initiate a sing-along with crowd-pleasers. As the sun sets, put shuffle on your favourite chillout playlist.
The extras

If you’re really eager to go the extra mile, set up a face and body painting area and invest in some glow sticks and neon paint. Buy a selfie stick and a load of props to create your own photo booth. Make each guest a photo pass to wear around their neck. Give out paper lanterns to launch at the end of the night. These little touches will really enforce the festival theme.
Not everyone is lucky enough to be going to a festival this summer. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t host your own. Get some friends around, dress up and put the tunes on. Decorate the garden and embrace all the festival staples. Set up and stock your bar and make sure there’s plenty to eat. You may not be at Glastonbury, but you’ll still have an awesome weekend.

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