Creating A Dream Bedroom For Your Child In 5 Easy Steps

Has your tiny newborn become a boisterous toddler? Is it time to update your nursery and create a brand new grown-up bedroom? If so, you may be wondering where to start and how to create a dream design without spending a fortune. If you’re eager to impress the little people in your life, here are five easy steps to follow.
1. Choose your theme
Themes tend to be popular with younger children, and they’re a great way of channeling their interests and encouraging hobbies. There are loads of different ideas out there. Does your son love to play football or your daughter live for tennis? Do you spend rainy days watching Disney films or playing board games? Are you constantly inundated with requests to go to the seaside or see the animals at the zoo? Is your child obsessed with dinosaurs or are they taking an interest in the extraterrestrial? Think about what your kids love and ask them to share their ideas with you.

2. Get some inspiration
If you’re not an interior design guru, don’t worry. Most of us aren’t. Thankfully, there are companies like Million Dollar Makeovers out there. You can also find incredible ideas online and some great features in interior magazines. Have a look around and see what takes your fancy.

3. Use your imagination
Are you handy with a toolbox? Are you a fan of upcycling? Are you a talented carpenter or artist? If so, you can use your imagination and your skills to create some unique furniture, decorations, and wall art. Paint a beach scene on the wall or turn an old chest of drawers into a castle-shaped wardrobe. Drape some material to make a luxurious bed fit for a queen or make a football-shaped bookcase.

4. Make the most of colour
Colour is an easy, affordable way of brightening up a room and giving it character. You can make the drabbest, plainest room look fun in an instant with a coat of paint and some colourful accessories. Younger children are often keen on bright colours while older ones may go for a more muted, subtle look. If you have small rooms, try not to go for dark shades, as this can make the room look small. Instead, go for lighter colours or plain walls with a statement coloured wall. You can use cushions, paintings and throws to inject some colour and interest.

5. Add a personal touch
Nothing makes a child’s room more perfect than personal touches. Hang some photographs on the wall or frame your child’s artwork. Add a personalised name plaque to the door. You could also use customised wall stickers to make your own football changing room, race circuit or princess palace.

If you’re planning a bedroom makeover for your kids, it doesn’t have to take months or cost the earth. Follow these five simple steps to create the perfect room for your child. Use their ideas and think about colours and themes they love. Use your imagination and search online for tips and tricks.

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