Friday, 20 May 2016

Ways to Personalise Your Prized Possessions

We’ve all got certain items that we treasure more closely than others. For some it may be a family heirloom that has a rich history having been handed down over the years. Others may simply have a deep attachment to that latest hat they bought in the sales.

Either way, whichever of your possessions you can never be without, one way to make them more personal to you is by customising them. There are many ways to do this for all sorts of possessions, and it can add a real sense of individualism as well as being fun to create. 

Here are some great ideas of what and how to personalise them.


Electronic devices are everywhere these days, from people being glued to their mobile phones to laptops at home. It can get a bit dull seeing everyone with the same iPhone walking around, so why not jazz yours up a bit? This can be done easily by sticking a few stickers on it, or just personalise the case with your own design. Stitch one in if you’ve got a cloth case.


The internet has opened up many options for getting things personalised, and clothes are one of them. No longer are personalised clothes thought of as just those worn by punks, with ripped sleeves and pins sticking out of them. Make a t-shirt featuring any image you want with a few clicks online.

Sports Equipment

As well as getting your own name printed on the back of a football shirt, there are various ways to personalise sports gear. From getting your name or a phrase stitched into sports trainers, to designing your dream skateboard and even your football team’s shirt, there are many opportunities to spice up your sports equipment.

Kitchen Utensils

Mugs, cutlery, plates and more can all be customised easily. If you’ve got children, let them loose with some special paints to design their own cup design be sure to use some cheap white cups. Therefore if it won’t wash off and they make a complete mess there won’t be much financial burden on you!


We’re not talking about pimping out your new VW Golf. Instead you can make small changes, such as adding a bumper sticker or doing up the interior with some new seat covers. For the most adventurous, why not give your car a new paint job? This can cost a bit but will help your car really stand out on the roads.

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