Sunday, 15 May 2016

Five second rule, is it real? #fact #fiction

We have all been there, happily working away while eating lunch, still on the go, working towards the last few bits that you have really been savoring and BAM! You fumble and the food unfortunately ends up on the floor, but what do you do?

The guys at have come up with a great way to keep you on track and potentially one step away from a five second rule faux pas.

I have always been a firm believer when it come to the five second rule, of course it would all depend on what food type it is!  Some I am more sad than others to see land on the floor, if its some salad, I can live with saying a quick goodbye but if its chocolate then my heart pines for the loss of a tasty morsel.

However after a little research there is some great information from NHS choices on the subject, where a London microbiologist created a study, involving e.coli and different drop contact times, and the study showed the same transfer rate of bacteria!

Armed with this information it really goes to show that its not the five second rule we need to focus on but more so on how clean you keep your house! However this in itself can be more of a task then you need to bother yourself with, recently I have been debating drafting in some extra help, no not the Mrs but paid help, the online cleaner marketplace that offers trusted home cleaning services near you. Book your domestic cleaner in just 60 seconds today.

One thing that has always put me off hiring a cleaning is simply knowing where to look and being able to find the time to conduct interviews, all cleaners from Hassle come pre-vetted, so after booking I can sit back and relax (knowing I could be safe still using the 5 second rule and not mourning lost chocolate!)

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