Monday, 25 April 2016

Want To Organise A Fun Community Event? Read This!

One of the downsides of today's society is that neighbours seldom talk to one another. It's not unusual to have little contact with the people in your street. At best, all you can expect is the occasional nod or wave when you see them.

Part of the problem is down to how most of us lead busy lives. Does that sound like a familiar situation where you live? And do you want to change that? One way to get to know your neighbours is by organising a fun community event!

In a nutshell, it's something that you can set up where everyone can socialise with one another. It's also something fun for children in your area to get involved with too. If you've never set up such an event before, here are some pointers that I think will help you get started:

Set up a team of planners

Such an event will need planning and coordination with other people. It's not a task that you can undertake by yourself. And nor should it be! Get together with some of your neighbours and think of ways to make the event a successful and memorable one. Having a good cross-section of people on board will help you brainstorm all kinds of ideas.
Decide on a budget

Next, you'll need to figure out how you're all going to pay for stuff. One of the easiest things to do is set a budget for the things you need. You can then ask your neighbours to "chip in" and make the event happen.

When it comes to food and drink, you could ask your neighbours to contribute some items. That way, there will be a good selection of things on offer. Consider setting up a barbeque if it’s going to be a sunny summer’s day!

Invite people from your community

You should also reach out to the wider community, not just the people in your street. It's likely you'll see people on a regular basis but never speak to them. Now's your chance to make some new friends!

Organise some fun games

Kids love going to community events. As with the adults, they can enjoy snacking on food and socialising with people of their age group. Think of some fun games that both they and the adults can participate in.

You could even create some competitions and award trophies plus medals to them. They could be for winning the contests or just for joining in!

Consider getting insurance

When you're organising a large event, it's important to insure it. Some people might think such an expense is extravagant. But, it's necessary in case someone gets injured. Should the worst happen, how would families of the injured parties cover medical costs?

The good news is event insurance isn't expensive. As with all policies, shopping around will ensure you get the best deals.

Check if you need licences

Last, but not least, think about whether you need to get licences for playing music. If you're broadcasting, it's likely you'll need to get a licence for your event. Be sure to check with your local council for more information.

I hope you've found this blog post useful today. See you soon!

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  1. Yeah, community meetings and events have become popular nowadays. People attend community meetings of their interests. I always find many people with similar thinking as mines at these event venues. It’s good to see so many like-minded people.