Sunday, 3 April 2016

Giving them freedom #parenting

Back in February I blogged about the truth behind parenting as the boys are growing up, eldest especially seems to be growing more and more teenage with sulky looks and grunts rather than conversation and yes he hasn't even hit 9 let alone double digits! Although we do still get the odd smile or two.

SO much so he wants to be allowed out on his own but we still do not feel confident enough for him to be out and about unsupervised and ensure he keeps himself safe, some times he seems streetwise enough but at other times not so much! 

Even went we are out as a family the boys like to push the boundaries, asking to climb things, being overly loud (yes I am getting old!) and generally not paying attention to the world around them. All in all it just makes for a very unsettling feeling thinking of them eventually being out on their own,

I grew up in a big city and played out from the age of around 6 or 7, by the age of 8 I was allowed to go far around the estate. When it was the school holidays I used to stay in the countryside at my Dads, along with my brother and sisters we would all be sent off out for hours on end, fending for ourselves and walking miles and miles in the countryside. (some of the apple trees we found were particularly tasty!)

I am not sure if it was because I had older siblings which made both my parents more relaxed about me being out at what seems such a young age but I was out and about nevertheless.

Its quite clear to me that in any case boundaries need to be clearly set, times to check in and time to be home. In today's age at least we can give our children basic mobile phones so we can keep tabs on them at any stage, back when I was out my parents had no idea where I was or what I was doing!

The real question is when do you know they are ready for the responsibility?

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