Thursday, 18 February 2016

Top tips to capturing moments! #camera

Since starting my blog, I have found myself with an un-quenching thirst for capturing family moments on camera, currently the only device in my arsenal is a half decent mobile phone but the zoom function isn’t always up to the job!

Recently I find myself out of the house, when an ideal picture opportunity comes along with my mobile phone only able to take limited pictures, I have started to look into getting a Lumix Compact Camera.

My reasoning in wanting to get a new, bigger and better camera is to ensure I make the most of capturing these special moments, ideally being able to just take a snap and then being able to get the best of the picture in post editing rather than having to get more ridged pictures.

I am still in the learning phase when it comes to taking the best shots, I am the first to admit I am quite far behind other’s out there, but these are the few tips I have learned so far:

Don’t be afraid to move angle

When I first started taking pictures, especially of the boys, my shots were always pointed down, nowadays I have found that it is best to get on their level, it not only makes for a better picture but I am sure they smile that little extra as they feel I am interacting with them more.

Play around with the focus

I like to try new things with focus, sometimes the story of the picture you want to capture can be told better when the focus is on something else other than the obvious!

Burst mode

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Some of the best and natural moments I have captured have been the ones where I have held down my capture button and took several shots rather that the obligatory single shot

If you are looking for more ideas about shooting the best pictures, you can always check out Amazon for a book on the subject or check out this online guide for beginners which I have found quite handy!

For now I am going to have to continue to use my mobile phone along with an Olloclip RRP £69.99, to aid with better zoom functionality, its light weight and easy to fit and change lens type, so I am never without my fully charged mobile phone to take an ideal snap!

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