Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Truth Behind Parenting #truth #parenting

Recently I have been thinking a lot about being a dad, it is a great joy at times, but it is of course one of the hardest jobs you will ever undertake! You truly only respect this once you have become a parent for the first time and dealt with the never-ending sleepless nights.

Tiles arranged to say DAD

Don’t get me wrong I love being a dad and having two little monsters keeping me on my toes, what else would I like doing at 5:45am anyway sleep? Nah! That’s just boring.

When we first broke the news about having our first child, we got loads of parenting tips, most of which we took on board but fought our own way through how things should be done.

When eldest arrived the Mrs was a bit taken back, she was nervous of how to change a nappy and how to feed him, but thanks to paternity leave I was on hand to help learn all the techniques we might need.  To be fair she had quite a traumatic birth and the initial struggles were probably down to being uncomfortable and in pain (think stitches lots of them!).

Upon breaking the news of our second, there was plenty of positives but I can clearly remember one of our friends advising us that it was more work than double, much, much more! Although we shrugged that off, I would say that was the only realistic piece of advice we had! Having a second and another boy brings in so much more sibling rivalry! I remember the Mrs having to separate the boys from a very young age.

Now they are both getting more independent it is so much more fun, yes we have the odd few sleepless nights but on the whole we have far more restful evenings! The main things we have to deal with now are tricks they attempt to deliver, like the unquenchable thirst at night!

Comic surrounding not drinking at dinner time

Comic about unyielding thirst at bed time

General cheekiness from them both, somethings it can be hard to keep a straight face when having to discipline them over some of their outbursts but in order to ensure they are well rounded little individuals sometimes it just has to be done! Eldest takes very much after his mum, always loving to read and have a very solid opinion on how things should be done, while youngest seems to take after me, a bit of a clown but always able to pull out a fact or two when needed.

So my journey as a parent over the last 8 something years has been a huge development of building new skills, while watching two small bundles of joy grow up into little men, both with their own opinions and thoughts.

Lately I have been trying to get them to problem solve their arguments and to take on board each other’s perspectives in order to work out a mutual way to move forward with a problem, and although it’s very early days and probably still beyond them they are starting to show signs of being able to comprehend issues encountered by each other.

I feel quite lucky that this parenting lark hasn’t affected my hairline or made me go instantly grey! So here’s to the next 10+ years until they both fly the nest, which I am one hundred percent sure we will still be as frantically concerned about their well-being!

Picture of an empty nest


  1. Love how your learning and growing with them love how your trying to get them to problem solve between themselves great blog

  2. Love how your learning and growing with them love how your trying to get them to problem solve between themselves great blog