Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Kitting out the kid’s rooms #interior #kids

I recently posted about home improvements, well we have now survived three or four storms and our previous leaky bits are still very much dry!

So we have decided we need to start working on the kid’s bedroom furniture, their rooms are fairly large but that doesn’t stop them from making a huge mess and then claiming they haven’t any room to put their lego, toys and games away! (Seriously there is always an excuse!)

We needed to find a good solution to ensure that the boys have no get out of jail free card when it comes to tidying up! Researching ideas I found various websites with a wide range of furniture, I decided I was mainly looking at utilising the space underneath the bed and it just seems so inefficiently used, this is where the brilliant cabin bed range at Room to Grow come in.

Eldest’s room currently has two wardrobes, a chest of drawers, bunkbeds, book shelf and a full size drum kit so other than clothes there isn’t room for all the toys he might want on hand! I remember fondly back to when I was the same age as eldest I had a lovely cabin bed, with all the extra bells and whistles, like a pull out desk, shelving and drawers.

As eldest is getting older he has his own opinions on what is trendy and fashionable these days, one particular cabin bed, the Gami Graphite Compact Bed, has stood out from the crowd for him, which is great because I think it looks absolutely fantastic for the price, you can even get matching furniture to ensure your child can impress his friends when they are over playing the latest computer game!

I can well imagine eldest will spend even more time in his room reading with the extra space for books and a nice and tidy space to relax in!

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