Monday, 18 January 2016

So that was Blue Monday! #BlueMonday

One thing I have always tried to do is ensure I keep a well-balanced life, and with two young chaps running me and the Mrs ragged it can be a real tricky job keeping your sanity in order!

So it was brought to my attention by my work colleagues that today was the notorious Blue Monday, the single most depressing day of the year! (or so the vague research tell us!) Now for me and more so the Mrs the day started at about 12.30 am – yes AM! With youngest screaming in pain with his neck!

We did all the usual checks to ensure it wasn’t anything more sinister but he ended up having to get up and calm down before he settled on and off with his crook neck! (Meaning the Mrs stayed up pretty much all night, while I managed to get a couple of hours in the spare bedroom!)

I would have thought that this would have brought Blue Monday crashing down with doom and gloom, however today didn't really seem all that bad!

To try and beat Blue Monday you should try and focus on the positives:
  • Enjoy the days getting brighter for longer
  • Make the most of eating stodgier foods (The Mrs would eat nothing but mash potato!)
  • Take stock of your achievements
  • Spend time play family board game while the weather is bad (and have a good old laugh!)
  • Enjoy snuggling in with the heating up watching the world go by!
At least around this time of year your get to let you children play in the snow!

Blue Monday is now celebrating 11 years of life since it conception in 2005, there are a few formulas knocking about to give reason to the timing of Blue Monday but perhaps the biggest issue would focus around debt and the amount spent out around the festive periods and the long wait until the first payday of the year!

For me Blue Monday means nothing, I would however be happy to support Happy Friday which should fall near the longest day of the year, when the weather is balmy and everyone’s cold winter is behind them!

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