Monday, 4 January 2016

Do Not Give Up! #My4WordMotto

I have achieved quite a lot since leaving school; my motto has always been “Do Not Give Up!” I never went to college or university; instead I decided to go straight into the world of work (and heading for my dreary cubical!).

It has been an interesting journey, one that has been fraught with danger and peril! Well that might be a bit dramatic! But I have found in the world of business it really isn’t down to what your qualifications are but your business demeanor, work ethic and accountability that really drives you on to the correct path.

In my first job I started as a reception/admin support, it was a fairly easy role and one that I didn’t feel challenged me particularly. But from that beginning I took on more and more work within the company so much so that eventually I found myself taking up work from the accounts department, all of which took me around 12 months.

During that time I had to rely on my motto of not giving up, most of the new jobs I was given were alien to me and I was simply expected to do them! And back then (look I am really not that old!) it wasn’t a quick click to get onto google!

So I persevered for a further six months, when an opening became available as an accounts assistant, another six months in and the company relocated the account office twenty odd miles away, which meant I had to move with the job or lose it. Adamant that I wanted to progress more within the company I moved, another year on and the accounts team was up to five people strong, financial director, two financial controllers and two accounts assistants.

I never gave up not once during that whole period of my life, which eventually saw me, stream line so much of the work, that the account department when I left to relocate there were just two of us. So from my humble beginning as a receptionist, I ended up co-running the finance department!

So one thing is for sure I will always stick with my motto!

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