Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Top Tech from the Eighties! #tech #eighties

Being an eighties child I really saw the boom in technology, from the humble pong to the awesome PlayStation, and I had most of the tech in-between.

So as Christmas is upon us, I wonder what would be the top five pieces of tech on my wish list if I was waking up to an eighties Christmas!

5) Sony Walkman

Launched in the late 1970’s Sony revolutionised the way people listened to music, by the 80’s it would have been a solid favourite for a Christmas treat, for me the long commutes I had when I first got together with the Mrs (8 hours on a train each way!) Wouldn’t have been the same without some portable music!

4) Sinclair ZX Spectrum

It’s really hard to pinpoint when the gaming explosion happened in our house, was it the ZX or commodore 64 that started the passion, we had both but I distinctively remember being really jealous of my older brothers Spectrum. With 8-bit gaming, a funky keyboard and great gaming titles meant that 1982 was a great year to have this on your wish list (yes I was still a baby then!)

3) TOMY Omnibot

I have some vague recollection of meeting one of these when I was younger, it clumsily stumbled over the floor to bring me something, it also had the ability to play cassettes, had a microphone for you to be able to talk like a robot and it even had a clock! An all-round Christmas deal breaker! (Although I am sure that the fantasy of the Omnibot far outlived the reality!)

2) VHS Player

I was lucky enough to always know VHS, we had one when they first came out and my dad used to buy everything released! (He even has a massive log book of films). Adding a VHS player to my 80’s wish list was a must as although there was Betamax, the VHS broke the market, it was slimmer and the tapes where longer (by 2 hours!) Where would we be today without VHS?

1) Sega Master System

So it was a close one between Sega Master System and the Nintendo Entertainment System, for me I had to go Sega, I was always a fan, the Master system had some great titles, Alex Kidd and the Wonder boy series. I know Mario brothers is such an iconic brand and perhaps the NES would be better placed at number 1 but I have to say from a play-ability point of view, I had the option in the 80’s to play each of these and it was the Master System that I went to each time!

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  1. In my childhood there was no such technique! To great joy I then often walked on the street with friends