Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas new and old! #christmas #elfontheshelf

Back when I was growing up, me and my sister used to get over excited in the lead up to Christmas so much so we used to have a funny little Christmas dance we used to always preform on Christmas eve, dancing from room to room, drunk on the excitement of the pending day!

Knowing that the special man Santa would be delivering our presents on that very night, its gets me thinking of the things we do now as parents and some of the close shaves my parents had for me and my sister, always ensuring the magic stays alive.

There was night of the solid gold truth: My sister in the night threw her extra blanket off her bed and hit Father Christmas causing his bells to jangle!

The night of caught red handed: I needed a wee late at night and my mum was helping Santa moving presents from upstairs to under the tree, of course Santa was pushed for time so he had to leave them on the balcony! (I don’t even recall there being a balcony, she must of meant he lobbed them through the window!)

The night of no more stockings: I woke up around 3am and started going through Santa’s carefully planned stocking (he was so kind to ensure we stayed in bed for as long possible in the morning) I started eating some chocolate and promptly fell back asleep. My mum thought I had messed the bed and wrote to Santa to tell him not to do stockings anymore!

With those few gems, I look back and think my parents had it easy!

They didn’t have to entertain Eddie our elf on the shelf (having to make a quick diversion to ensure Eddie has returned, for 24 days of the month!)

The amount of times Father Christmas’s helpers appear for the boys to go and see, a year ago (might be two) youngest saw two in one day and told the second one “You asked me what I wanted earlier can’t you remember what it is?” (Quick panicked miming from me and the Mrs ensued!)

This year we have seen three already and it’s only the 6th. I would love to know some of your childhood memories around the magic of Christmas!

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