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Christmas Gift Guide #Christmas #gifts

Christmas as much as I have joked about only needing to turn up, does come with its responsibilities and as a husband, dad and son in-law you have to be prepared to get your hands dirty and pick some gifts out for everyone (perhaps whilst remembering that even you deserve a little treat or two…maybe three I have been extra good after all!) So here is my 2015 Christmas gift guide:

For the ladies in your life:

I was amazed that you only need as little as 5 ml of this powerful bath oil to turn your bath into a natural de-stressing experience! Olverum is made with natural essential oils; the blend has been carefully selected to ensure that your tension and daily stresses are relieved!  It was a very relaxing experience for my wife.  She felt soothed after her bath and in a better frame of mind.

This is a must have gift for your wife or partner, especially over the festive period when the children are on school holidays and more lively than usual, overexcited with the run up to Christmas.

RRP £23.50 for 125ml.

My wife loves owls and shoulder bags, so what better gift than the Country Rose Owl print motif cross body bag, it costed £15 so very reasonably priced for such an attractive gift.  Owls are a popular theme, and the design is visually appealing.

The bag itself has a fairly large main compartment with a zipped area and another zipped pocket on the front, the size is perfect as the wife always complains if her bag is too heavy and then she usually dumps the bag with me!   But you can conveniently carry all your essentials and she has had lots of favorable comments about how nice her new bag looks.

Another of the wife’s loves is hot water bottles, she constantly complains of being cold so a perfect gift again from Edinburgh Woollen Mill is their festive hot water bottle, again featuring an owl.

With a price of £8 you can’t go wrong!  Whether it’s to soothe aches and pains or just to survive the cold spell water bottle covers are an essential at this time of year!

This would make a fantastic gift for the mother in-law; the presentation box looks attractive, adding to the overall feel of quality.  The perfume itself has a dramatic musk and woody base, with citrus and floral scents breaking through; overall this fragrance is quite subtle and defiantly one the older ladies in our lives will most likely enjoy! 

The added benefit of this set is the ability to bring this delicious fragrance into the home with the accompanying reed diffuser, the reeds are rattan reeds which are designed to give you a longer lasting scent presence around the home. 

Priced at £32 it really does feel like a luxurious indulgent gift.

Tanqueray London Dry

Another one for the mother in-law she is always keen to get the gin on the go, so a perfect gift for her this Christmas! I cannot wait to try the Snowball winter cocktail:

  • 50ml Tanqueray London Dry Gin
  • 15ml lemon juice
  • 15ml lime juice
  • 1Ž2  an egg white
  • 15ml double cream
  • 3 dashes of orange flower water
  • 15ml sugar syrup
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Top with soda
Method – add all ingredients but the soda to a shaker and half fill with cubed ice. Shake! And keep shaking until the ice has nearly all gone – strain into a hiball glass with no ice and top with soda until it begins to foam over the top of the glass. Garnish with cinnamon powder.
RRP £22.50 for a 70cl bottle.

For us guys:

For me Christmas is always about stocking up on grooming products, what else is the mother in-law going to buy me (other than yet MORE socks or maybe hankies!!!)? So I have been dropping hints about this new range from Rockface that I have come across. While she thinks I have been servicing her laptop I have been adding favourites and ensuring the ads are all centred to the Rockface brand.

Rockface has ten, yes ten different products available for us gents, but don’t panic, you’re not going to have to spend any more time than you already do on getting yourself smelling and looking great! The fragrance for all the products is a citrusy and woody one, which means again you do not have to waste time trying to get the right mix, they all blend perfectly.

I am going to focus on two of the products as these have really stood out for me:
If you always fancied yourself as peter pan you have their Anti-Ageing Moisturiser to soothe stressed out skin, specially formulated with Fucogel® it leaves your skin feeling and looking truly moisturised!

If you love the feeling of being super clean Rockface’s Face and Body Scrub is the ideal partner for you, with crushed walnut shells and ground rice it produces a wash fine enough for your face but rough enough to exfoliate your whole body leaving you refreshed, invigorated with a squeaky clean feeling!

To find out more about the range and the RRP please click on the title, but suffice to say these are a very affordable range.

My father in law loves the odd tipple of whisky especially around the festive period to celebrate or for cold and flu season! What could be a better present for him but Beinn Dubh. This whisky is distilled in the heart of the Cairngoms National Park, Scotland. The whisky itself has a very unusual ruby black colour and has fantastic hints of chocolate as well as fruits and currants, so much so even after one sip you can feel yourself getting into the festive spirt!

Beinn Dubh is 43% ABV with a RRP of £50 per 70cl bottle, definitely a must have for your whisky admirers.

As I said before I love to stock up on grooming products but it’s not just me! My Father and Brother in-law are the same so I have found that Baylis & Harding have two great gifts for these men in your lives.

Black Pepper & Ginseng Rugby Ball Git Set

My father in-law is an avid sports fan and being Welsh he absolutely lives for the rugby, so this is an ideal gift for him this Christmas! The four item set comes in a lovely wash bag, with Aftershave balm, Shower Gel, Hair and Body wash and a Face wash all with a great smelling Black Pepper & Ginseng scent, its fresh but musky base layered with juniper berry, cedar wood and pine needle to create sophistication in a bottle! RRP £10.

Mens Sport Duo Gift Set

A perfect gift for the brother in-law, being an active guy, this shower gel and hair & body wash, has bursts of citrus lime and mint, reviving and invigorating ensuring he remain on the top of his game. RRP £10

For the kids:

This is a lovely (and tiny) book, but do not be fooled it’s no standard book! Download the app (Apple or Android) and the book comes to life. As you progress through the book searching for treasure, you transverse a multitude of different places from space to deep sea! There are animations, games and photo feature, all this for just £4.99! A great stocking filler and for my lucky readers I am giving one away on Facebook.

A perfect gift for your nieces/daughters this year, the white and pink Rio skates are lovely, they come in a great range of sizes, all the way up to size 8 RRP £49.95. My sister always had long feet and always struggled to find skates in her size so it great to see we have access to these!

You can opt for light up wheels at an additional £14.95, so when you are down at your local roller disco you would stand out like a real gem!

These are entry level skates but the build quality is great, with easy to replace front stopper and Nylon hi-impact chassis with aluminium trucks will see the girls in your life able to whizz around all day long!

For the techie:

Whether you have a family member who loves to upload fantastic snaps to Instagram or capturing your daily life on the go, this is a must have accessory for their iPhone!

The four in one lens allows you Fisheye, Macro 10x, Macro 15x and Wide-Angle options ensuring you are getting the very best out of the mobile phones integrated cameras.

The lens itself is compact and light weight, under an ounce, changing between the options above is simple and no additional tools are needed, another great feature is the lens works on both the rear facing and front facing cameras, so if you are into selfies you can invite a few more people to come along for the picture.

RRP is £69.99, so perhaps at the higher end of your budget, but well worth it to improve the quality of your photos.

I know mobiles storage is a great issue in our house, always having to hunt down a cable to clear the wife’s phone so she can happily capture key family moments! So this Christmas this is an ideal gift for this put upon techie!

Not only does the Mobilelite Wireless G2 have the ability to extend your storage by up to 2TB’s, but you can:
  • Charge you mobile device from it
  • Stream media to multiple devices
  • Use it as a smart reader
  • Create a portable WiFi access points

With its multiple features it provides this can prove to be quite a good tool to combat some of the issues associated with being the households IT support! RRP from £32.32

This is a handy and affordable solution to the issues of having to hold you phone or tablet while trying to watch a film! And now it the festive season, I usually have skype on the go at regular intervals, and there is nothing worse than the arm ache caused by an hour of Skyping!

Its credit card size allows you to easily store it in your wallet to whip it out whenever you need it!  If you are buying your loved one a smart phone, tablet or e-reader this would be the ideal stocking filler for them, priced from £2.99.

I love the chance to listen to music; however my boys generally dislike some of the albums I like, so this Christmas I hope to get a quality set of headphone so I can blast my music away until my heart is content!

These headphones are in ear canal headphones to ensure the music runs smoothly and effectively into your ear, one thing I hate is tinny sounds, but with Sennheiser they have a powerful but discrete base to ensure clarity remains around the mids!

The headphones sit comfortably in the ear but if they do move around slightly there are four ear adapters sizes included in the box, as the headphone are for use in a galaxy you have the ability to pick up calls on the move with a simple click of a button.

RRP £69.99

For the foodie:

During this festive time I find I really enjoy a savoury snack and being a crisp lover I am always very keen to find new and delicious flavours. We always have a cold meats buffet on Christmas Day night and I can see Corkers joining in the party!

Naturalo potatoes grown in the peaty fenland soil of Cambridgeshire make for an ideal crisp with a fantastic crunch! Corkers are hand-cooked on the family farm, and with eight different flavours there is plenty of choice for everyone.

Current flavours range from Pork Sausage and English Mustard to Duck and Hoisin Sauce, with an RRP of 50p for a 20g pack its great value for this flavoursome and delightful crisp!
My personal favourite flavour is the Sea Salt and Black Pepper, its leaves you with a lovely warm feeling, just what you need on these cold days!

For more information on Corkers please click the link in the title.

Borderfields is cold pressed rapeseed oil infused with aromatic garlic, fresh basil, fiery chilli and zesty lemon!

The benefits of cooking with Borderfiends is the high smoke point, even those of us who are fairly handy in the kitchen have had oil smoke out at use, with this rapeseed oil it maintains it natural benefits at high temperatures! Making Borderfields the ideal option for roasting, frying, drizzling, sizzling and basting.

The health benefits alone should be the encouragement you need to try this lovely infused rapeseed oil, with half the saturated fat of olive oil and great blends of omegas 3, 6 and 9.

RRP for the four bottle gift pack is £9.99.

I always love to find a German Market over Christmas, the smells and atmosphere is hard to capture anywhere else! As more and more of us are on the hunt for traditional German delicacies what could be more perfect for your Christmas banquet than Bahlsen?

With over 120 years of experience there’s no wonder they produce such delicious biscuits and cakes!

Zimtsterne have a unique cinnamon and hazelnuts flavour, leaving you with a lovely warm feeling! Their Stollen is simply divine with two options Poppyseed and traditional Marizipan both delivering a taste sensation! And if you are into your gingerbread Lebkuchen Mischung are for you they are beautifully glazed assortment great to share as a family!

For more information and RRP please click the link in the heading.

For the coffee lovers in the house, their monthly delivery includes a Tasting Booklet that enables you to learn about the coffee you are drinking! Along with the information the coffee delivered comes from around the globe from Tanzania and Vietnam to Brazil gives you the opportunity to discover your very own taste profile!

Subscriptions start from £24 for 3 month and up to £85 for 12 months.

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