Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas 2015 #Christmasday

Well that was Christmas done for another year!

Santa arrived, ate his mince pie and Rudolph nibbled his carrot, traces of movement evident for the monster to see in the morning with foot prints of the reindeer food they had left on the door step on Christmas eve.

I was quite surprised again this year, they didn’t wake up until after 6am (although the wife had a bad night with youngest coughing on and off through the night!), I remember me and my sister were always up well before 5am! They really enjoyed their Christmas stockings; they keep them entertained for an hour, Santa must have done well!

On to the day itself we stayed at the in-laws so we got the boys up and gave them something to eat while waiting for the mother in-law to join us, then the boys discovered the presents Santa had left, they were over joyed with the assortment of different shapes and sizes, it’s so heart-warming to see some Christmas magic at its best! Although youngest did ask why Mummy and Daddy hadn’t given any presents!

Of course it was because we send Santa money to spend on the materials to make the presents, however eldest was a bit more unconvinced questioning why the boxes or toys said made in China. (Perhaps this is where we have to go in to economic down turn; Santa having to outsource to China as the Elf labour is too expensive!) But we swiftly moved on to the next present!

After the Boys had finished with Santa’s present opening fest we decided to take them out for a Christmas day walk, leaving the in-laws to have a break from the overwhelmingly festive monsters, and cracking on with cooking the Christmas dinner.

As ever the mother in-law’s cooking is fantastic, she delivered a three course meal with all the trimmings and it was absolutely perfect! We usually have a full on cooked breakfast as well on Christmas morning, however I decided I would cook it this year to give the mother in-law a bit of a break and instead do it on boxing day, much to the Mrs discontent! (Surely mother in-law brownie points are harder to come by?).

The rest of the day was filled with family present opening, board games and skyping with my side of the family that live away.

All in all I think this Christmas has been one of the better, the boys are maturing and that day was at a more relaxed pace than previous years!

I hope you all had a good Christmas and looking forward to 2016!

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  1. This is a good family holiday! It seems to me that it should be celebrated in a full family