Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Bringing out your wild side #zoolife #animals

We love getting out and about with the boys, finding new places to go and things to do is a must!

Since a very young age they have both had very clear personalities and these can be reflected in their favourite stuff toys. Eldest opting for a Rabbit and youngest a Lion.

They have always been very inquisitive when it comes to wildlife, we have tried to support this trait and take them to as many different Zoos, nature reserves and aquariums as possible over the years.

Some of their best and fondest memories have been the brilliant bird shows:

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Having to duck under low flying birds got our heart pumping!

Driving through the paddocks at Longleat Safari Park:

The best thing about driving through the monkeys is laughing at other people’s cars being ripped apart  (Until you look around to realise that everyone is laughing at you and the monkeys removing all sorts of rubber tubing!)

Getting close to the Meerkats:

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They especially love Meerkats since we have had baby Oleg arrive!

This is our top five (in reverse order) Zoo’s / Aquariums we have been too in the last year (or so!) With a brief reason why!

5) Longleat Safari Park – Warminster BA12 7NW

You get to drive through the safari at your own leisure, they even put lots of signs up so you can skip the Monkeys! It is easily a full days entertainment!

4) Chester Zoo – Chester CH2 1LH.

Its huge, we haven’t done it all with the kids yet as they start to flag near the end of the day! (its also on the list as it’s the first place me and the Mrs went!)

3) Folly Farm (Zoo) – Kilgetty SA68 0XA.

When the Mrs said we were going to Folly Farm, I thought great a farm… but I was wrong and so wrong! It’s a ZOO! And a fairly decent one at that, it’s not on the scale as the others but it has plenty of other things to do!

2)  The Deep – Hull HU9 1TU.

The best aquarium in the UK! Lots of marine life to see (over 3000) and it has a whopping tank (biggest tank in the UK).

1) ZSL Whipsnade Zoo – London LU6 2LF.

This is number one purely due to the fact we get to have an overnight stay in the Park, along with a candle night tour and a safari around in an old army truck, they kids had such a great time!

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