Sunday, 29 November 2015

Missing Summer! #summer #memories

Reflecting back on the year, it has to have been one of the busiest! Especially over the summer, we seemed to have been jetting off left right and centre.

Today has been a gloomy, blustery and occasionally wet; we still however managed to get out and about with the boys! (They even had smores!)

I wish it was summer again so we didn’t have to wrap up before venturing out, I am sure the boys would agree they much prefer hopping out of the house on an adventure without having to put twenty layers on first!

Generally we have to go on a mammoth journey when we go to new attractions or attend events; we have been keen to always make the most of where we are going! If we book a stay in a hotel we ensure we have plenty to do on all of the days so the boys aren’t bogged down too much by the driving!

However when I look back over the summer some of my favourite moments come from the free and simple things we have done, spending time on the beach building boats out of sand and seeing how long they can last against the tide! Taking a picnic and going for a long adventurous walk and simply having epic water fights at home! (Of course I win the water fights!)

It has to be said for all the money we have spent on attractions, travel and accommodation and food while away from home, it seems to be the best memories come from things closer to home – I should speak to the boys and see what they think!

At a guess I would say eldest would be horrified if we never travel anywhere again, however youngest always battles to get out of the long haul stuff!

Looking every forward to Christmas and then gearing up for the New Year and the adventures and memories we make!

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