Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Passing on the gaming gene! #gaming #gamer

Play dates for the kids can be an extra stress (or they tended to be in the past!), one if possible I would ensure I could be working instead of being at home (don’t worry the Mrs soon made sure so tied my rota down!).

Since the kids have been old enough to hold a controller, they are far more interested in showing off their skills on the screen than running about like lunatics outside, although I do ensure they have their mandatory fresh air allowance… (The Mrs is a stickler about it!).

On Friday we had a play date arranged for eldest and shock horror, the Mrs got called into work short notice which meant I had to collect the kids and occupy them for an hour – without SCREENS!!

So I decided to take them for a walk, they were happily rushing around, climbing trees and setting up a base camp! I was satisfied at this point that they had burned off enough energy and I would allow them some much earnt screen time when we got home (maybe I earned some too!)

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So I collected the Mrs from work and we drove home, the boys had decided they wanted to play Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U and as there was an extra slot free I joined in the competition.

Of course as an ex-hard-core gamer I pretty much owned each course, and as such the lad who was along for the play date was excitedly saying how great I was at the game! However close at my heels was eldest who did beat me on one of the tracks, it very much seems he has the gaming gene (not only from me, the Mrs is an ex-gamer too!)

With all the gaming the children want to do we have imposed two non-screen days into our weekly schedule, so every Tuesday and Thursday, they are not allowed to play computer games at all, instead we do a mix of home studies and board games, which they now seem just as keen on as they realise we mean business with the new routine!

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