Saturday, 3 October 2015

Night off! #kidssleepover

We love our kids but every once in a while we get the opportunity for a night off! So we pack their bags with the essentials (of course their screens have to be included along with the kitchen sink!)

We try and plan a date night with the best of intentions and might include a takeaway or a meal out, however as we are trying to save money to get a few rooms done up in the house, so we spend our date night “stopping in”.

It was great fun actually! The Mrs has a few wines and me a couple of beers; we played a couple of boards games, ticket to ride and Rummikub seem to feature as our current favourites. Some people find Rummikub hard to get to grips with however it is easy once you get your head around it and it becomes more of a tactics game!

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It seems we are tending towards more board games lately, I think my cousin has a lot to answer for as it was him who introduced us to the concept! We have always enjoyed playing board games with the boys, with the classics like monopoly, frustration and cluedo!

They now play Rummikub which helps them with their number work! I think the monsters will enjoy ticket to ride, although I think youngest may struggle to keep up with concentration! 

Youngest is a fan of colouring if he cannot keep up with the board game we are playing! He has got a lot better lately being able to sit through a whole monopoly game (and we all know how long they can run for!)

I think the next time we have friends over we will have to crack out these two games, The Mrs got better at Rummikub. The more wine that she made disappear the bigger and better her moves became!

In fact she completely owned me in both games; I only managed to win one round last night! (I hope she doesn’t read this and gloat too much!!)

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