Saturday, 17 October 2015

Netflix love! #netflix #SonsOfAnarchy

After finishing our binge on The Returned we were left once again with a void in our watch list, so we took to Netflix again!

As ever Netflix is yet to let us down in regards to great programmes. Although after about an hour and half our TV prompts us to “take a break”, sure OK mum! (now I have how the little monsters feel when we tell them to come off of screen time!)

So our new love is Sons of Anarchy! I have seen this advertised over the years but I have never had a chance to look into what the show was about, I did hazard a guess and thought the Mrs wouldn’t like it! However one of her close friends said how much she enjoyed watching the show and now they are all watching it!

The show revolves around a biker gang: Sons of Anarchy, with lead character Jax Teller, who is a soon to be new father, current vice president of the club who has a growing concern for the clubs future, especially with regards the illegal activities they undertake! Looking for other ways to make legal money while keeping his family and gang safe from the dangers of a criminal life!

We are nearly at the end of season 2 and the action is still heating up (not that any of the episodes have been slow paced at all!) Each season has 13 to 14 episodes and in total there are 7 complete seasons.

I am not sure what it is I love about the show but there are some interesting characters and some dubious story-lines that unfold (some are hard going), I think it really ticks the boxes for both men and women alike - Yes I have caught the Mrs fornicating over the lead actor! However there is plenty of action going on for the more action packed fellas! (Plenty of bikes, girls and guns!)

So at this point if you have a Netflix account I would highly recommend this show for your next binge watch!

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