Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Halloween spooks! #trickortreat

So here we are again, Halloween is dawning! Both our monsters love this time of year, last year’s trick and treating session was awesome, even the weather was warm, which made for a much more enjoyable trip around town! (The previous year saw us squelching around soaked through from torrential rain!)

We have the costumes ready for fright night; the plan is to start with a local kids Halloween party and then going onto the main event. We have a really good community when it comes to trick and treating and some of the houses really go all out with their decorations!

For the last couple of years one house in particular really aims to spook the trick and treat goers. In the past they have hid a live werewolf in their parked car outside the house!  The boys got an absolute shock when the window wound down! And it took some time for them to build up some courage to get their treats!

The best they did was last year, when one of the guys was dressed in a camouflage suit and hid in the bushes – not even the adults escaped a huge adrenaline rush! (You really couldn’t see him even up close!) I clearly remember eldest saying his knees were knocking when we got around the corner!  I wonder what they will do this year and if they can top the previous years spooky experiences. (I just hope its not dolls!)

One thing we always have to watch for is that the monsters aren’t constantly sneaking more and more treats as they are walking around town! We have had scenes reminiscent of the “Exorcist” with the boy’s projectile vomiting all over their bedrooms after over indulging on their sweetie hoard!

One thing is for sure the boys are fuelled and ready for next weekend – they have already dusted off their sweet buckets and are eagerly waiting to start carving their pumpkins! (Another tradition they are keen to keep going!)

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