Saturday, 10 October 2015

Five steps to a good bedtime #nighttimeroutine

I have found lately that when the Mrs goes out and I am left to put the boys to bed, that the bedtime routine flows much more efficiently! (Yes the same happens when I am out!)

Now the reason behind this is quite clear, the boys constantly bombard us with questions and bounce off of each of us frazzled parents in an attempt to keep the lights on for an extra few minutes!

So here is my five step guide to ensure you are maximising on your bed time routine:

  • Start early!
We have found over the years that no matter what time the two monsters go to bed they still get up at the same time! So whether its 7pm or 10pm, one of the lads will wonder into the bedroom ready to get up at 6.30am! Aim to start your routine no less than 30 minutes before you want lights out!

  • Have water on standby!
The biggest and oldest trick in the book for the boys to delay sleeping is to declare the never ending nocturnal thirst! Although I don’t like giving the boys a drink after 6pm always have a mouthful or two of water on hand to ensure an effective routine!

  • Book before sleep!
We have always given the boys a book before we turn the lights out and as they have grown they now read the books to us! (There’s nothing quite like being sent to sleep with a good book!)

  • Questions!
How big is the moon? Which dinosaur would you be? Which TV character is your favourite? What computer game would you want to be in? Yes just a few of the questions the boys asked last night before lights out, it’s their latest trick to delay the switching off of the lights! So give them a limit or the bombardment will continue into the early hours!

  • Set a clock!
This is a new one we are trialling at the moment  with an aim to get the boys staying in bed until 7am – so far it has not been having the desired effect but I think some persistence we could see an extra half an hours sleep on the horizon! (And let’s face it we all could do with that extra half an hour!)

I hope some of these steps will be of some use to you in your quest for a better night time routine! If you have any of your own please feel free to add them in the comments!

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