Thursday, 10 September 2015

Watch the pennies! #keepcostsdown

We operate a very tight household budget, one that we enjoy keeping as low as possible to ensure we are always getting value for money.

A few years ago we discovered Quidco a cashback website offering you cashback on purchases from many online retailers sometimes with discount vouchers on top. Since then I put most of our online purchases through via Quidco, so far I have had over £1000 cashback from purchases made, varying from 2 – 15% cashback rates.

My first step is never to use Quidco as the default I always shop around and search for alternative discount vouchers, be wary though as some websites will try and install malware, I would suggest sticking to using their search function they usually have all the up to date discount voucher codes!

Along with using cashback sites I also annually check best rates for utility bills and insurance. I usually opt for  they have always seemed to find the cheapest and best options, especially for insurance the first year we used them we saved £20 per month and the added bonus of a free Meerkat soft toy is always a welcome lure!

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Another trick I have learned over the years is to barter with companies like BT, Vodafone or Sky, I have never paid a full rate for a year with sky (we currently don’t have sky since we moved house) as when you are nearing the end of the contract simply cancel and within two days (or so) they will contact you and offer a massive discount of up to 75% off for six months.

The best offer I had with them was 75% off for the first 6 months with £50 M&S vouchers, with the monthly charge going back up to just 25% off thereafter however, with no fixed contract term meaning after the six months I put a cancellation notice back in and was offered 50% off (which I declined until I was offered 75% again!).

BT operate in the same way you can usually get at least a 10 – 15% reduction you just need to be persistent and don’t agree with the first offer as they have more offers available especially in the customer retention department!

Remember to stay safe while browsing, stay strong when renegotiating and I am sure you will be able to tighten those purse strings a little bit more!

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