Saturday, 12 September 2015

Seasonal eating #wholesomefood

Well with the change in the season and the temperatures starting to drop, we feel it quite hard in our house. We still have ceilings to put up and insulation to lay, without the possibility to get this done before summer next year (if not later!).

Are we ready for winter and all it has to bring, in a word NO – not again!  We barely got through the last one…

We do have more cosy onesies this year so hoping they may help fend off the cold, but this year I am planning to ensure we have plenty of hearty meals to spur us on until the warmer months are upon us again!

So today was the day for me to take the bull by the horns and dust off the slow cooker (quite literally!), pop to the shops and get the necessary ingredients to make a lovely and warming sausage casserole, as ever I do tend to take shortcuts as long as they result in a tasty meal!

8 Plump sausages, pierced.
Two onions, roughly sliced.
Three Large Carrots, chopped.
Half a Swede, chopped.
A tin of beans, opened!
300ml water, boiled.
Coleman’s sausage casserole mix, ripped open.

The first step was to fry the sausages to brown them off; just before they are browned I threw in the onions just to get them going! (Always brown your sausage as the fussy monsters may reject the food as uncooked!)

Next place everything into the slow cooker; I used the following order which seemed logical! Sausage and onion, carrots and swede, beans, casserole mix (at that point I gave it a little tickle around with a wooden spoon) and finally the boiled water giving it a final through mix through.

I then left it for 4 – 6 hours occasionally looking at it and giving it a stir.

I served this up with mash potato and sat down to a (relatively) quiet meal (it’s great when the boys enjoy their food; The Mrs and I actually get to talk!)

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