Handling Reluctant Walkers #walk

Getting children walking is not always easy, especially if they are in the middle of something enjoyable (screen time occasionally or just a particularly good LEGO battle!). But getting fresh air is a necessity and pretty essential for my lively boys, so regardless of the grumbles of complaint, trainers are eventually found, raincoats are packed and off we go! It’s usually at a snails pace to begin with until they get into the walk themselves (sometimes taking a little figure out with them on the adventure helps!) or I have found if I make the walk more interesting it encourages them to keep going.

So I created (drum roll please!) “The Storyteller!” I put on a theatrical voice, I use lots of hand gestures and create a fantasy world of magic and mystery. Along the way the boys face MANY challenges they have to complete to continue on their journey (as many as you need to give them adequate time outdoors!).

They themselves take on different roles, I think mainly led by my gaming time on World of Warcraft (but least my gaming time has come in usual for something, I shall tell the Mrs and see if she will grant me more time online again, its worth a try!!!). It’s wonderful seeing how enthusiastic they get to complete the quest. Any sheep dotted around become far off distant monsters; we yield imaginary weapons and throw fire bolts or heal up our friends!

For my latest blog post, these aren’t sheep they are mystical monsters! #sheep #games #adventure

A photo posted by Sean (@hubbyhelps) on Sep 4, 2015 at 12:13pm PDT

You can even throw in some educational questions, usually when “The Storyteller” approaches a gate you can only enter the next field after answering a maths sum or spell a word. If you were good you could try riddles, but I like that the boys are getting some practise of what they learn from school along the way. To them its so much fun they do not realise they are getting some sneaky learning in on the walk…

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