Sunday, 6 September 2015

Getting Married #justhitched

We have been happily married for nearly 9 years now; yesterday we attended a good friend’s wedding ceremony and reception which brought back memories of our special day.
When we got married we had no kids, the morning of the wedding was relatively relaxing and we had plenty of time to get dressed (and I got time to write my speech – nothing like leaving it to the last minute!).

However yesterday a simple task of getting my suit on while the Mrs was having a shower saw both the boys wrestling in the clean and sharp suits I had just got them dressed in! Which got me to thinking how much harder it would have been to get ready for our wedding if we had kids!

Our friend has two boys too, but she seemed very relaxed during the whole day, they had laid on food for all the children at the perfect time and even laid on a sweets trolley for them to all browse (although the sugar rush was ”interesting”). They had inflatable guitars, microphones and various dress up items to play around with while the speeches were done.

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If I was to get married now with the knowledge I have as a parent our wedding day would have been very different we would have had to cater for more kids, ensure there was entertainment laid on, knowing the Mrs she would find something big, unique and expensive! The Mrs probably still would not be able to relax as the boys have a tendency to run wild for a crowd!

Yesterday we managed to drop the boys off at the in-laws in the evening to return to the evening event, so we could both chill and enjoy a drink or two….. well I actually hit the dance floor, I don’t know what came over me but I sure do ache today!

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