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I want to get trim again, when I first got with the Mrs nine years ago I was much leaner, never a six pack mind, but still I could fit in to Medium sized clothes with no bother (I didn’t even have to suck in my breathe to manage it!).  Gradually as my wife blossomed in two pregnancies so did I and now I have to buy XL, plus life with children means an unending supply of the wrong kind of snacks and I have no willpower to resist!
That might soon change as I am trying to convince the Mrs to let us buy a rowing machine, before we got together I had one and it really helped.  Although I have a habit of asking for these bits of expensive kit and then not using them… so I do have my work cut out to justify buying it.  I have said if I loose a certain amount to show I have the required dedication then surely I can get one.  So last night as the Mrs chomped on some biscuits with her cuppa I looked on wistfully! I hit the shops today to get myself a different kind of cuppa, one with green tea aimed to assist me in my quest.
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Loosing weight is not all fun and games but I guess it will be worth it in the end; I will keep you posted how I get on.  I need to have an aim in place, as on top of the snacking and BIG portions I do not do much exercise.  I drive to work, although it would be possible to walk in better weather.  If I am honest I drive most places, no wonder my youngest is always asking where his taxi is when the Mrs tries to take him anywhere by foot. 
The Mrs has allocated me dog walking duty something she used to be in charge of, but our dog has not been as keen on other dogs since she was attacked so I find it easier to manage her and hopefully get her over her new fears.  But the silver lining of that is I have to get some exercise now every day!!!  I will slim down a few sizes… I will resist the temptations!!!

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