Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Back to school blues #schoolsback

With the last day of the summer holiday being played out and the boys both tucked up in bed, it has given me a perfect opportunity to reflect on the summer period.

At the start of the summer the boys both planned what they wanted to achieve this break, most of which was completed in a timely fashion, we were lucky enough to have several mini-breaks away which saw them doing some of the new things on their list such as fresh fruit picking, going on the London eye, staying over night in a Zoo and re-visiting Hatton Park - along with giving the Laser Tag they have there a good go! (I did lose myself in the heat of battle and run in on some poor unsuspecting lady who was cowering behind a barrel! Hey we can all be Rambo right?)

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We even managed to get around the country visiting family and friends on the way; however we did have several things left on the list for the boys to fit in, so in the last few days of the holiday, we packed picnics and travelled to each destination to ensure the boys had their fill of adventure. They wanted to climb a mountain (or a very large hill!), see a castle (Warwick is always their favourite) and finally do a spot of crabbing.

After all the hustle and bustle of the holidays we ended the afternoon with a walk with the dog in the sunshine, with eldest confiding his back to school blues to me, we spent most of the walk doing times tables and spelling tests as his main real concern was forgetting how to spell and some of the trickier times tables!

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With all the ticks in the boxes we settled down for our final family film before an early-ish (8.15pm is earlier than some of the nights they have gone to bed!)

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