Sunday, 30 August 2015

Board Gaming? #tabletopgames

It has been a very busy summer period for the Mrs and her work schedule, I don’t think there is a part of England/Wales we haven’t travelled to, always hauling up in the nearest Days Inn (no expense spared obviously!).

Recently however we ventured back to my home town to spend some time catching up with family and friends. Along with The Mrs and our two boys we were lucky enough to have a house to live in while my parents were abroad (It means a lot to have a whole house and not to all be crammed into one room!)

I took the opportunity to invite my cousin over for food and a film, he kindly asked if we needed him to bring anything, feeling quite confident I replied stating “We have all the food and drinks we could need and Netflix/Sky to hand”.  However little did I know that from our past in online gaming he now has quite regular board gaming sessions with his friends, so I decided he should bring a couple of games over.

While I sent the text message over I had visions of me and the Mrs donning our wizard caps ready to wage war on imps and orcs! The games he brought were addictive and far from the wizardry I conjured up in my head, the first game we played was Ticket to ride:

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The aim of the game is to connect your cities using different coloured train pieces, having the opportunity to pick up new routes as the game progresses. To be honest we both got completely owned on the first game, but the game was quick to pick up and it was a close second match seeing myself as the winner!!

The second game we played was King of Tokyo:

Using dice skills to vanish each other’s characters which was quite good fun! The board gaming session lasted past the global parent bedtime of midnight! But I would thoroughly recommend putting your IT equipment away for a night gets some friends over and grab a few of the board games mentioned in the Geek & Sundry table top games play list.

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