Sunday, 13 October 2013

Move or Make More Room

It’s come to the point in life that we are finding it a little hard for all four of us to share one bathroom, seriously no one gets any peace and quiet to indulge in a nice steaming hot bath!
So we have been weighing up our options, as ever the Mrs is 10 steps ahead and already unpacking into our new house! We agreed to view some properties, some were quite promising and just as described; other however had out dated pictures and the idea of cosy meant you couldn’t swing a flea let alone a cat.

The last property we viewed took the biscuit; Pictured set on its own land with beautiful trimmed lawns and well-tended hedgerows what could disappoint you with the lovely cottage.

Perhaps the jungle like garden you had to be Indiana Jones or Lara Croft to get through, or the dilapidated lean two that barely held your boiler safe let alone to be called a utility room! The best bit was the clearly re-painted rooms which still held the smelt of the new paint which unfortunately didn’t quite hide the real location of the cottage (which must have been next door to sponge bob) with the entire damp still peeking through.

With that in mind and the fact we already enjoy a sea view one side of us and a mountain view the other. We swiftly have opted to invest in some home improvements, first on the list create more room, and where best to utilise our loft. We have decided to create an enormous master bedroom with an addition separate toilet, shower room and office for the Mrs.

Alongside these improvements we have decided to update our 30 year old kitchen, who knew how many options you have these days, the main aspect for our redesign is to encompass extra room and more cupboard space in an attempt to keep the sides clear of all the clutter!

Let’s hope the renovations go to plan!

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