Sunday, 9 June 2013

Budget Gaming Monitor

I have been after a gaming monitor now for some months, but when it comes down to what I want I am at the bottom of the pile.
I decided to make a short list for my favourite 24 inch monitors, within a modest budget (yes I know, no top of the range, newly released models for me!), the three that have caught my eye to compare are:-

ViewSonic VX2460H-LED
Samsung S24B300HL
BenQ GL2450HM
Now I am a firm Samsung lover so getting me to choose anything else will be a great task in itself! I have read some great things about BenQ especially with their blisteringly fast XL2420TX model which was co-designed alongside top counter strike players (I would hands down want to own this specific monitor as I am quite into my fps gaming, but I couldn’t justify taking nearly £400 out of family funds!)
Specs Compared:
So even looking hard into the specs of each of these monitors there isn’t a great deal between them; so for me price would be a factor and usually in this instance I would happily spend an extra £18 to get a Samsung. I would have felt that it was worth it but, as this particular model is now discontinued on the Samsung website I would be more than happy try the BenQ GL2450HM.
There are numerous positive reviews for the GL2450HM, for which my main use would be movies and fps gaming, the response time and crispness of the picture makes for an in depth feel to some already immersive gaming. 
I am sure if the Mrs take’s a hint from this blog post; Father’s day could enrich my gaming life! Of course I will still dream over the unobtainable (on my budget!) Samsung S27B970D!

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