Sunday, 20 January 2013

Icy Beach!

Well with The Mrs at work in her day job not at home doing her important toy reviews, I had to ponder what to do today with the weather as it is and with two boisterous boys. The icy pavements yesterday left me and running for the warmth after youngest took a nose dive within seconds!

As we live practically on the beach we found that it had thawed enough today for us to venture onto the icy and baron beach!

Now taking every opportunity the boys could they tried to dive into as many rock pools as they could! Yikes I had to tell them the dangers of getting wet in such colder temperatures (this did perturb them!)
We always make up some fun adventure whilst walking along the beach usually involving a dragon, giant and the oh so important treasure! And no doubt we never make the journey home until we find the treasure (This is the excuse I always use to try and get them that bit more worn out!). I always find that the dragon chases us away from rock pools and any kind of impractical obstacle.

Well today's treasure was an old oil drum that had been washed up! Here’s a picture of them celebrating after conquering the dragon and giant! They even broke into spontaneous steel drumming!

Now off to slay the sea monster's from the icy lake, well throw stones in the frozen pond!

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