Sunday, 27 January 2013

Addicted to CSI!

I thought one day I would grab the first box set of Crime Scene Investigation: Las Vegas; it had been a long time since I watched it and remember fondly how good it was. From there I am now on season 9!! And I am still going strong.

I have to say even after watching 9 seasons the show keep you intensely enthralled, I am always wanting for the next episode! The Mrs nags me a lot when I am watching CSI and not watching Downton Abbey or such like…

The series is based around a crime lab in Las Vegas, as you watch you see the CSI team grow and change, with some new plucky characters and some unfortunate losses. With each episode you might expect a “case closed” by the end, but some of the epic cases carry over throughout the series and pop up unexpectedly! (This is my number one favourite thing about the show).

Another attribute of the show is finding out how they compile the evidence during a case and even when they feel they have exhausted every avenue on the case, seeing how they overcome this with team work and further analysis to still manage to catch the bad guys is really exhilarating.

If you’re ready to watch a truly great and epic show that hasn’t lost its lustre after 13 seasons then get yourself started today and pick up your copy of season one where it all started from humble beginnings.

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